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To growth and reduce cost for your business with…..
IT Automation, IT Security and Operation, Identity Management and Monitoring.

just call we  “OOPS”

Oops IT move fast & easier control

Faster World, Faster Understandable

According to the growth of IT, people need to adapt with the world so fast that sometimes they can’t follow up. That’s the reason why we come.


Identify for your peoples, mahcine and system with IT security methodology and machanisms to prevent your data and system from security breaches with the our solution based on the WSO2 Identity Management and EJBCA Certificate Authority Solution 


Deliver automate IT infrastructure and application make operation more easier and efficiency to reduce cost and growth your business with the our solution based on the  Ansible 


Provide insights on your network and system performace to monitoring your system healthy to ensure that it can be serve your business continuous with Zabbix Monitoring Tool

Get the gear that never gives up

Massive global changes are shifting the way people live and work, the requiring organizations to rethink their teams, processes, and technologies to stay competitive. If your company isn’t already transforming automation, now it is the time.

We provide all Specialize service for your easy life..........

2020 it the hard year and has definitely been new, different, strange, unpredictable, and more. With new normal becoming a buzzword, adapting and surviving through these challenging times has been quite a task.

Accelerate Your Team More Efficiency

Value Added Your Customer Experience

Why Shoud you Consider?

Stay ahead of the curve:
Accelerate the delivery of vital digital products and services to meet customer needs while staying ahead of the competition

Increase Productivity:
Ensure business continuity and speed innovation by progressing from one curve to another.

Minimize Disruption:
Ensure business continuity and speed innovation by progressing from one curve to another.

Enables your higher security

Customer Engagement And Loyalty


Begin your journey to a better life with secure, easier, monitor and alerts

“To get your life to be the happiness”

Provide a better solution for the future operation

We revolutionized the operation with opensource system and we have a portfolio including Operating System with Linux,  Identity Management, Certificate Authority, IT automation and IT Monitoring solutions.

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